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Blancos Milenium is part of a large group of companies, among which Spring Air plays an outstanding roll in the mattress manufacturing industry since 1982, currently owning the largest mattress plant nation wide.

Blancos Milenium is part of this group since 1998, specifically oriented to develop and promote a linens line; taking advantage of the market knowledge as well as of the distribution team the group has, carrying the Spring Air name on its products. Up today, we offer a wide range of different products, covering three large markets, the first one: medium high and high, distributing the products to the most important retail stores, such as specialized leisure and department stores. The second market is the medium low and low, which covers the retail supermarket stores and wholsale stores. The third market is the hotel industry, for which we manufacture products according to their needs.

In 2000, we introduced the Soff-art representation to Mexico, which is an Italian company and the developer of the only springs pillow existing world wide.

Since 2006 we have been adding different imported line products, one of them comes from China, which includes a wide variety of  pillows, comforters and down comforters, all of them utilizing the most advanced technology in the national market; another one of them comes from Spain and is conformed by water resistant mattresses and pillows protectors.

In 2007 we achieved a strategic alliance with Offis Textil Ltd., becoming their Representative for Latin-America, being able to have access to high quality fabrics which gives us the benefit of a continuous improvement of our products.

Our company is constantly dedicated to the innovation and renovation of the leisure products.

From the integration between the highest quality products, design, technology and comfort, and those developed by us, we achieved the most complete and innovative linens and bedding accessories line for the leisure market in the national market.